Minevival Towny Warps Edit


The main PvP area is at /warp pvparena

KitPvP Edit

/warp kitpvp is a good way to train your pvp skills without losing any armor on the server.


/warp Skyblock is the spawn of our Skyblock world. Here you can use the skyblock commands.


At /warp market people can buy a market stall and sell their goods, or buy things from other players.


Do you like gambling? This is the place for you!

At /warp casino you can spend your money on our slots.


In the Portal Lobby you can use the portals to teleport around. The destination of the portal is on the sign!

Hint: Right-click the sign for an explanation of where it will bring you!

Tokens Edit

All commands regarding Minevival's custom tokenshop plugin are displayed at /warp tokens


Rank-ups to Veteran & Vivalist can be purchased at /warp rank

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