The Towny Server is one of Minevival's servers. It was launched in 2012 and is centered around the Towny plugin.

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Minevival started around October in the year 2011, created by me (Jvanderlee) and Gijs (gijsdeman3210). It ran on a personal server at Jelle's home via a Hamachi network for about 2 months. After that, on the 6th of December, Minevival became a port-forwarded server ( So everyone (even without Hamachi) could join the server.

Around March 2012, since the server became actually too popular, I was searching for a host in order to have more slots. At that time, Marco (TheFarmerNL) joined the server and noticed it. He was interested in finding a cheap and good Minecraft server host and once he found one, he informed me about it. I agreed and since then he helped improving the server and helped making the server bigger and more popular. This website and the 2 servers 'Minevival PvP' and 'Minevival SurvivalGames' were created in the meantime and then he became Co-owner of Minevival, together with me :-) We have had good/friendly (and some bad) staff joining and leaving the Staff-Team (like Gijs) and some have been staff from the very beginning! We tried to keep the servers running 24/7 and add some new features, events and spawn locations from time to time. For now, we hope to keep doing so in the future for some more days/months/years. We also hope you'll keep enjoying the servers for as long as we exist!

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