You can use tokens as a form of currency. You can buy some nice stuff and many custom items with them. You can store them on your token balance so you won't lose them by typing /token deposit all. We have different tokentypes and tiers, with mobtokens being the most common. Occasionally when special events are hosted, a new type of token will be introduced for a brief period of time.


10x Poor = 1x Common

9x Common = 1x Uncommon

8x Uncommon = 1x Rare

7x Rare = 1x Epic

6x Expic = 1x Legendary

5x Legendary = 1x Godlike

You can earn mobtokens by killing mobs.

Token Commands: Edit

You can see how many of each token you have in your balance by typing: /token balance {mobtokens/luckytokens/questtokens}

You can up/downgrade your tokens by typing: /token {upgrade/downgrade} {all/hand}

You can deposit your tokens by typing: /token deposit {all/hand}

You can withdrawal your tokens by typing: /token get {type} {tier} {count}

You can use your tokens to buy crate keys at the Crate key merchant.

If you still have not found the command you were looking for type: /token help in-game to see a list of token related commands.

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