You can use tokens as a form of currency. You can buy some nice stuff and many custom items with them. You can store them on your token balance so you won't lose them by typing /token deposit all. We have different tokentypes and tiers, with votetokens and mobtokens being the most common. Occasionally when special events are hosted, a new type of token will be introduced for a brief period of time.


10x Poor = 1x Common

9x Common = 1x Uncommon

8x Uncommon = 1x Rare

7x Rare = 1x Epic

6x Expic = 1x Legendary

5x Legendary = 1x Godlike

You can earn mobtokens by killing mobs.


2x T1 = 1x T2

2x T2 = 1x T3

2x T3 = 1x T4

2x T4 = 1x T5

You can earn votetokens by voting for the server here. Note that the tokens you earn are directly deposited into your votetoken balance.

Token Commands: Edit

You can see how many of each token you have in your balance by typing: /token balance {mobtokens/votetokens}

You can up/downgrade your tokens by typing: /token {upgrade/downgrade} {all/hand}

You can deposit your tokens by typing: /token deposit {all/hand}

You can withdrawal your tokens by typing: /token get {type} {tier} {count}

You can use your tokens to buy crate keys at the Crate key merchant or to rank up to veteran or vivalist.

If you still have not found the command you were looking for type: /token help in-game to see a list of token related commands.

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