The server staff are the people in charge of running, moderating, and maintaining the server. 

Ranks Edit

Jr Mod Edit

You can apply for Jr Mod at: [link] A few staff members will give their opinion about the applicant and there is a chance of getting accepted or denied, this depends on several factors (such as your behavior). Once your application gets accepted you will obtain the rank "Jr Mod". There's a small period of time where the staff will 'supervise' you to see whether you are good enough to become a Moderator. Jr Mods have the same commands as Moderator.

We do not have any Jr mods at the moment.

Moderator Edit

If the upperstaff (umod and higher) decide that an assistant is responsible and experienced enough, he or she may be promoted to moderator. A moderator is mature and knowledgeable about the server and have commands that require trustworthiness. Some might say that it is difficult to become a moderator. They are also known as mods. These are our mods:




Upper Moderator Edit

Upper moderator (also known as umod) is a bit of a cross between a moderator and an admin. They have access to most commands. Although their duties vary, a umod generally helps with the inner workings of the server. They are carefully chosen, and this promotion occurs very rarely. There usually are no more than two at a time. Our Upper mods are:


Admin The admin rank is very important to the server. They have all commands and are responsible for many aspects of the server. This rank is rarely given out, and it usually goes to longtime, extremely responsible members of the staff team. This is our Admin:




Owner Edit

The owner made this server come to be. He maintains, develops, and manages Minevival. Make sure you tell him "Thanks!" when you see him online (but if you need help, ask the other staff first. Jelle is often busy!).

Owner: Jvanderlee/Jelle

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