Minevival is a community server, which should mean everyone is friendly and helps each other. In order to avoid any problems, we have established the following rules. See these rules as guidelines, ingame situations may differ. When you have a problem with someone, always try to work to a solution with that person first. If this does not resolve the problem, you may contact a staff member.

The staff team can always change the rules as situations may occur. When causing problems, you risk the chance of being removed of the whitelist.


  • Don't spam in the chat.
  • Any kind of offensive, racist or sexist language is forbidden.
  • Dont create fake messages that can manupilate other players.
  • Advertising for other servers in any way is forbidden! (this also includes mentioning other servers!).
  • Don't ask for a promotion! You can obtain donator ranks by donating and staff ranks by doing an application to become staff which is available once every few months.


  • Griefing is forbidden. You may never touch others builds without permission of the owner of the build. 
  • Any kind of stealing is forbidden. If a player is missing stuff from his/her chest and your name shows up, you have a problem!
  • Killing players their animals is forbidden.
  • Any kind of hacked client or x-ray is forbidden.
  • PvP is allowed. Killing others is okay with the rules, so never complain to staff about getting killed. Camping players and killing them over and over is not okay tho.
  • Teleport killing (TPA killing) is not allowed!
  • Abusing bugs is forbidden. You have to report them on the forums so the bug can be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Scamming is not allowed.
  • AFK machines are forbidden. If the plugin doesn't detect it, it is bug abusing!

Donator rules:

  • Offensive nicknames are forbidden.

Other rules:

  • inappropriate skins are forbidden (for example nazi related or naked skins).
  • inappropriate names which are changed with the 1.8 name change update are forbidden.
  • RWT (Real World Trading) is forbidden. This means you may never sell ingame stuff for real money.
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