General CommandsEdit

/res ? [pagenumber] - displays help. Typing a number at the end moves to a different page. Defaults to page 1.

Selection CommandsEdit

/res limits - This will show how much you may claim. Gamemaster and higher may claim 30x30, and member+ may claim 16x16. Are you a gamemaster or higher, and do you have VIP? It might be bugged for you. Contact a owner/admin, and ask them to fix it.

/res select [x y z] - select a cuboid area to protect, using either the selection tool (wooden hoe) or specifying X, Y, and Z as a distance on those axes from the center point where you are standing ("10 5 10" would select an area 21 wide x 11 high x 21 long.

/res select chunk - Select a whole chunk for protection.

/res select expand [amount] - Expand selection in direction your looking.

/res select size - show selected area size

/res select shift [amount] - Shift selection in direction your looking.

/res select vert - expand selection from sky to bedrock /res select worldedit - use an area defined by WorldEdit

Creation CommandsEdit

/res area [add/remove/replace] <residence> [areaID] - Add or remove areas to the residence. These can overlap with areas of the same residence.

/res create [ResidenceName] - create a residence

/res remove [ResidenceName] - remove a residence

Info CommandsEdit

/res area list [residence] - list areas within a residence /res area listall [residence] - list areas and their coordinates for a residence

/res current - show residence you're currently in

/res info <ResidenceName> - get info on a residence, leave off <ResidenceName> to view info on the one your standing in.

/res list - list residences you own /res listall - list all residences

/res limits - list all important limitations

Flag CommandsEdit

/res gset <ResidenceName> [GroupName] [flag] [true/false/remove] - set flags on different groups

/res lset <ResidenceName> [blacklist/ignorelist] [material] - add/remove a material from the residence's blacklist / ignorelist.

/res lset <ResidenceName> info - list the Residence's blacklist/ignorelist settings.

/res pset <ResidenceName> [PlayerName] [flag] [true/false/remove] - set flags on different players

/res set <ResidenceName> [flag] [true/false/remove] - set flags on residences.

Utility CommandsEdit

/res default [residence] - Restores residence to default flags.

/res give [residence] [player] - Gives residence to another player. Player must be online and you have to own the residence.

/res lists - Predefined residence permission lists, do '/res lists' for details.

/res message [residence] [enter/leave] [message] - sets a enter or leave area message. You can ommit <residence> to use the one your standing in.

/res message [residence] remove [enter/leave] - removes a enter or leave message. 

/res rename - [OldName] [NewName] - Rename a residence. For subzones, OldName must the the full name(parent.subzone), while NewName is only the new name.

/res renamearea [residence] [OldName] [NewName] - Rename a physical area attached to a residence.

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