Here is a list with most commands that you can use on the server.

General commandsEdit

/help - Displays all available commands.

/glist - Displays all players online on all the servers.

/list - Displays all staff online on your current server.

/Spawn - Teleports you to spawn.

/Server (Minevival/Lobby) - Switch to the chosen server.

/warp - List all available warps. There also is a warp list from the server on the wiki.

/near- See which players are near you.

/getpos - Displays your current position.

/kit - Views a specified kit or lists all available kits.

/home - Teleports you to your home or lists your available homes.

/sethome - Sets a home at the current place.

/ignore - Ignore or unignore other players.

/rules - Views the server rules.

/realname = Displays the username of a user based on a nick.

/seen - Shows the last log-out of a player.


/helpop - Ask all online staff members for help.


/tpa (player) - Will send a teleport request to that player, asking for you to teleport to them.

/tpahere (player) - Will send a teleport request to that player, asking for them to teleport to you.

/tpaccept - Accept a teleport request.

/tpdeny - Deny a teleport request.

/tptoggle - Blocks all forms of teleportation.

/back - Teleport to your previous location.


/msg (name) (Message) - Send a private message to another player. (Aliasses: /whisper, /w, /m, /tell)

/reply (Message) - Reply to a message. (Aliasses: /r)

/ignore -Ignores another player's chat messages.

Economy CommandsEdit

/money - List your balance.

/money balance (player) - Display the balance of a player

/money pay (player) (amount) - Send money to another player

/balancetop - Shows the top 10 richest players. (Aliasses: /baltop)

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