How do I add my Minecraft account to my website account?Edit

  1. If you have not registered an account yet on the website, you can do so here.
  2. Go to www.minevival.come/home
  3. Go to the white bar at the top of the home page
  4. Click on your username;
  5. Then go to ‘My Characters’
  6. Click on the blue bar at the right of the screen
  7. Select your game, in this case you use ‘Minecraft’
  8. Open your Minecraft launcer;
  9. Click on ‘Multiplayer’;
  10. Click on ‘Direct Connect’
  11. Fill in the following server ip:
  12. Wait until you get kicked with your code
  13. Go back to your webbrowser
  14. Fill in your code which you got from the server
  15. Click on ‘Add Character’ Now you are member on the website and ingame! You now have access to buy things in the shop!

How do I apply for staff?Edit

You can not apply for staff yet, however you can always help people by doing nice thing for them.

How do I use ModReq?Edit

All of Minevival's server have the plugin ModReq available. If you aren't familiar with how to use it, this post will tell you about it.

What is ModReq?

This is a plugin that allows you to leave messages for staff when none are online. You can also use it to contact an available staff member even when there is staff online.

You can use it for:

  • asking questions
  • reporting griefs (make the ModReq ticket while standing at site of grief)
  • leaving other messages for staff Staff are notified when a ModReq ticket is submitted.

We will try to respond to it as soon as possible!

What commands are used?

  • /modhelp ==> displays commands
  • /modreq (message) ==> submit a message
  • /status ==> view your recent messages and the replies to them
  • /mods ==> view online staff (not just mods) (Same as /list)
  • /glist ==> Lists players on all Minevival servers
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